Springtime in California!

by hr_brown

Spring is HERE!  Celebrating springtime by planting some veggies and flowers in the yard!


As a composter, chicken owner, equestrienne, and a person who does not suffer from allergies, springtime is fantastic in California. Christmastime is still my favorite, but I’ve found that Christmas should be spent on the eastern side of our fine nation, while spring can only be fully appreciated in the glorious, golden rays of California.

Yes, travel has proven that I’m a California girl. Oregon’s rolling green hills and Christmas tree lots are fragrant and evergreen, Michigan’s snow and Christmastime passion is exquisite, and Nevada’s bright lights and desert are striking. But my heart is Californian.

You may know that April is Earth Month. Now, this is something that is easy to scoff at, but here in California we’ve got an awful, horrible drought that come July is going to be one HOT problem. If you’re reading this on the east coast, you may be thinking “drought? I’m up to my eyeballs in SNOW!” Well I know. And us Californians are jealous. 

This year is going to be one that requires everyone to take some extra measures to conserve water and be wise with electricity. Do it for the sake of your own pocketbook if not for the earth as a whole.

Not to toot my own horn, but in addition to planting vegetables and drought-resistant flowers I’ve been watching nature-oriented documentaries in honor of this month’s mission, and I stumbled across Sushi: The Global Catch on Netflix. It discussed the art of sushi, but also the plight of the Bluefin Tuna. The documentary was very interesting to me, and it reinforced some ideas that had been presented by National Geographic in March of 2014.

I’m not a sushi person. Well, I can’t actually say that because I’ve never tried it. However, I was raised on a fish-and-chips sort of diet, not a fine-dining sort of diet and so the idea of eating raw fish weirds me out a little bit. Not that I don’t want to try it in the future. I have enjoyed Ahi Tuna which isn’t much better of an alternative to Bluefin according to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

If you’d rather do something to make an impact rather than watch a documentary about it, sign up for emails from the EPA for daily tips on things you can do to #ActOnClimateChange (by the way, if you haven’t caught on to the hashtag thing, it’s time for you to get caught up. Even the government is onboard at this point…).

If you don’t want another email in your inbox, then check out their site anyways. There are great tips that you can see without subscribing to, and i’m sure that you’ll be inspired.

With spring cleaning and longer days, now is the perfect time to make some changes around the house or in your daily routine to be more conscious about the environment and the impact of the decisions that you make everyday. Feel free to comment with some changes that you’ll be making to celebrate Earth Month, or contact me on social media! (links below).

Until Next Time!