My name is Hannah, and I am so pleased that you want to learn more about me!

The three big things are: California, Communications and Cute.


California is my home state, despite Las Vegas being my birthplace. No matter where my career and/or travels lead me someday, I will always breathe a sigh of contentment when seeing the golden hills and sparkling bay of my state.


My studies in Communication have finally drawn to a close! My degree is a B.A. in Communication with a focus on Public, Professional and Organizational Communication. . Over the years my communication skills have been refined through intramural speech competitions, pageants, and through working as a communicator for a non-profit. I’ve also been a communication critic, serving as a judge for events from intramural speech tournaments, local and state pageants, as well as conducting job interviews. The completion of my B.A. has prompted me to begin enrolling in MALD and MPP programs to focus my skills on public policy in order to allow me to pursue a career in international diplomacy


From my American Paint Horse, Quick Reload, to the color pink, my eye is naturally drawn to all things “cute.” If you have a keen eye, you’ll notice my efforts to make this blog visually appealing as well as informative and noteworthy. Also, I’m an advertisement and branding junkie, so don’t be surprised if you follow my Instagram or Twitter and see pictures of my favorite brand logos and products.

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I have also been riding horses for 13 years, 9 of them with my American Paint Horse, Quick Reload.